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Walnut Wood Look Ceramic Tile

  • Item no.:WF21022
  •  Thickness:10mm
  •  Surface: Matt with wood texture
  • Material:  Porcelain
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  • WF21022

  • Colorgres

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Floor for Outdoor  Stair 

  • 150x900mm  200x1000mm  200x1200mm 

  • Wood-look  Classic 



Walnut wood-look ceramic tile offers a versatile and practical solution for homeowners and designers seeking to bring the warmth and elegance of walnut wood flooring into their spaces. With its realistic grain patterns, rich hues, and textured surface, this type of ceramic tile effortlessly replicates the natural beauty of walnut wood. 


One of the key advantages of walnut wood-look ceramic tile is its durability. Unlike real hardwood floors that can be easily scratched or damaged by moisture, these tiles are resistant to wear and tear. They can withstand heavy foot traffic in high-use areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways without losing their original charm. 

In addition to being durable, walnut wood-look ceramic tile also offers easy maintenance. Unlike real wood flooring that requires regular polishing or refinishing to maintain its luster, these tiles only need simple cleaning with mild soap and water to keep them looking pristine. This makes them an ideal choice for busy households or commercial spaces where time is limited but aesthetics cannot be compromised. 

Furthermore, walnut wood-look ceramic tile provides a cost-effective alternative to solid hardwood flooring. While genuine walnut wood floors can be quite expensive due to the scarcity of the material itself, these tiles offer a more budget-friendly option without compromising on style or quality. Homeowners can achieve the desired look of luxurious wooden floors at a fraction of the cost. 

 Another advantage worth mentioning is that walnut wood-look ceramic tile is compatible with underfloor heating systems. This means that not only do you get the aesthetic appeal of wooden flooring but also enjoy cozy warmth during colder months. 

Overall, whether it's used in residential or commercial settings, Walnut Wood-Look Ceramic Tile combines timeless beauty with practicality. It allows individuals to create stunning interiors while enjoying all the benefits associated with modern ceramics – durability.

Available Size

900x150mm, 1000x200mm, 1200x200mm, 1500x250mm, 1800x300mm

Application and original design

wood floor tile

The item no is WF21022

wood floor

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