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Colorgres Tiles, a leading manufacturer, specializes in accepting OEM orders. We provide a wide range of OEM services to meet various customer demands. Our services include customized tile designs, personalized packaging, and branding options. With our advanced production facilities and experienced team, we ensure high-quality products and timely delivery. We have conducted different engineering projects in over 30 countries and have won high praise and reputation from many customers. Choose colorgres to meet your OEM needs and project requirements and enjoy the advantages of flexibility, customization, and excellent customer support.
Grand Hyatt Hotel-1
Grand Hyatt Hotel
   Project Location: Shenyang, China
 Project Type: Five Star Hotel
  Product Used: Glazed porcelain tile 800x800mm  1,350 Sqm
The Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian
Shangri-La Hotel
   Project Location: Dalian, China
 Project Type: Five Star Hotel
  Product Used: Vitrified Glazed Porcelan tile 1,600 Sqm
Dubai Project
Dubai Commercial Building
   Project Location: Burj Dubai
 Project Type: Commercial Building
  Product Used: Vitrified Polish tile 2,000 Sqm; Glazed Porcelain  tile 3,300Sqm
Malaysia Hotel
   Project Location:  Kuching Malaysia
 Project Type: Resort Hotel
  Product Used: Glazed porcelain and Vitrified Polish tile 1000x1000mm  5,500 Sqm
Malaysia Mall and Apartment
   Project Location: Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
 Project Type: High-end Apartment
  Product Used: Rustic tile-8,100 Sqm, Polish tile  12,000 Sqm
Pakistan Project_副本
Pakistan Project
   Project Location: Pakistan
 Project Type:  Commercial Office Building
  Product Used: Polish tile and Rustic Tile 600x600mm  6,300 Sqm
carara white Dominican Hotel and Apartment Project
   Project Location: Dominica
 Project Type: Private Hotel project
  Product Used: Polished glaze tile 600x600mm  50,000 Sqm
Travetine Exterior tile Saudi Arabia Villa 
   Project Location:  Jeddah KSA
 Project Type: Private Villa
  Product Used: Vitrified Travertine tile 600x1200mm  8,000 Sqm
Dubai Hotel
   Project Location: Bur Dubai
 Project Type: Luxary Hotel
  Product Used: Vitrified Travertine tile 600x1200mm  3.800 Sqm
Colorgres company established in 2008, which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ceramic tiles. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best tiling solutions for both domestic and international markets.

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