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Hebrew Gray Marble look Porcelain Tile 32''x 32''

These beautiful interpretations of the finest marble curated from around the world, with different colors and styles can adapt to various use scenarios and create beautiful space effects.
  • Item No. LML8816A
  • Size 800x800mm
  • Surface: Glossy 
  • Material: Glazed Porcelain
  • Water Absorption:0.09%
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  • LML8816A

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Countertop 

  • 800x800mm 

  • Marble 



Hebrew Gray Marble look Porcelain Tile, the grey color and design give us a very strong feeling,  not only for the floor, we also can make it on the wall or cabinet.

Square tiles make people feel comfortable, and they are very easy to match the furniture where will they put. There will be no incongruous feeling.

This medium grey marble tile has a relatively clear and strong grain, which is generally considered very beautiful. The design of the medium grey marble can create an elegant atmosphere suitable for interior decoration and flooring materials. Its distinct lines can add layers and texture to the space, enhancing its overall refinement. However, personal aesthetic preferences vary from person to person, so you can determine whether gray marble is suitable for your decorative needs based on your own preferences and requirements

Medium gray marble tiles have a neutral tone that can be paired with many different colors and materials. Here are some common collocation suggestions: 

1. Match with white: Medium grey marble, when paired with white, provides a clean and bright sense of space. You can use white walls or furniture to contrast with medium grey tiles and create a simple and stylish atmosphere.

2. Pair with metallic colors: The combination of medium gray marble and metallic colors such as gold or copper increases the sense of luxury and modernity. You can choose gold handles, lamps, or furniture to add some sparkle.

3. Combine with wood grain: The combination of medium gray marble and wood grain creates a natural and comfortable atmosphere. You can incorporate wood grain elements on furniture or floors to create a soft contrast and balance with the medium grey marble. 

4. Match dark colors: Medium gray marble combined with dark colors like black or dark blue creates a noble and mysterious atmosphere. You can use dark elements on furniture or accessories to contrast with the medium grey tiles for a dramatic effect. 

Most importantly, the choice of collocation should be based on personal preference and the overall decorative style. According to your own aesthetic taste and the desired ambiance of the place, you can select an appropriate matching scheme.


big slab

The top view of whole piece tile


4 Faces leave together

marble floor tile

floor tile

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