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Matt and Glossy Finish 800x800mm Travertine Vitrified Tile

Travertine Tiles, the scientific name of the limestone, because there are often many pores on the surface, it is usually called Travertine.
Natural cave stone texture is clear, with a gentle and rich texture, which comes from natural but surpassing naturally.
Item: PTH8007 PTH8007M
Material: Porcelain
Thickness: 10mm
Water absorption: <0.5%
Finish: Matt and Glossy finish both available.
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  • PTH8007 PTH8007M

  • Colorgres

  • 600x600mm  800x800mm  600x1200mm 

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Floor for Outdoor  Wall for Indoor  Wall for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Outdoor 

  • Travertine 

Travertine Tile 800x800mm with Gloosy and Matt Finish

Origin distribution: Italy, Iran, Turkey, Turkey, Spain

ravertine tile has several advantages that make it a popular flooring choice:

  • Durability: Travertine tile is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • Natural Appearance: The natural appearance of travertine tile provides a unique and beautiful look that can complement both modern and traditional interiors.

  • Easy Installation: Travertine tile is easy to install using standard tile installation methods, making it cost-effective and easy to maintain.

  • Non-Porous: The non-porous surface of travertine tile makes it resistant to bacteria and other contaminants, making it a hygienic choice for flooring.

  • Slip-Resistant: Travertine tile has a low coefficient of friction, making it slip-resistant for safety concerns.

Product Applications:

Multi -functional application: 800x800mm Travertine polishing tiles are suitable for various indoor spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc., and can also be used for commercial venues such as hotels and shopping malls.

Glossy Finish Travertine Photo

Travertine Tile

Matt Finish Travertine Photo

Travertine Tile

And cave stone tiles have high anti -thermal resistance and freeze resistance

Colorgres company established in 2008, which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ceramic tiles. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best tiling solutions for both domestic and international markets.

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