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Italian Sintered Stone Center Table for Villa Living Room

Natural texture elements, elegant atmosphere, into the room, a quiet breath Let people feel the quiet and beautiful moment, more natural under the flow of light and shadow.No matter what kind of soft outfit, it can be easily worn.
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  • SJ8609GB013Q

  • Colorgres

  • 200x1200mm  250x1500mm 

  • Floor for Indoor  Wall for Indoor 

  • Marble 


Bulgari Purple Sintered Stone is an Italian import sintered stone that has been described as the Hermes of sintered stones, with top quality and luxurious appearance. Bulgari purple sintered stones usually show a deep purple appearance, with high density, high strength, high durability, easy to clean and other characteristics. This kind of sintered stone is widely used in high-end places such as villas and clubs, which can create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere and bring higher quality and value to the space.

Bulgari Purple Sintered Stone Design Concept

1.The texture of Bulgari is rich and bold, the white system flows with purple patterns, the unique texture is natural and free, full of elegant beauty for the background wall, the chic luxury sense extends from the inside out, has a great visual impact, and creates an elegant space texture.Bulgari has a unique natural texture, which is neither overly publicized nor constrained by fashion trends. It is a kind of free expression of beauty. Natural materials and simple and elegant design give the space a strong sense of modernity.

2.The ore material with three kinds of color texture, white, black and purple, was used in the decoration of the Bulgari store in New York, so that this ore once again entered the public vision, became the darling of the fashion design industry, and swept throughout Europe.



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