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Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic Floor Tiles

Every step taken on this Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic Floor tile allows us to connect with our planet's past while appreciating its present beauty. It encourages us to explore further into Earth's mysteries and marvel at its remarkable ability to tell stories through natural materials like these tiles.
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  • FRT6006M

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Indoor  Wall for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Outdoor  Countertop  Stair 

  • 600x600mm 

  • Sandstone 


Indoor floor




icon_no shower

Shower Floor

icon_no exterior

Exterior Floor

icon_no public

Public corridor



Glazed Porcelain


Colorbody Porcelain 




Large Format

icon_Mosaic _ Deco

Mosaic / Deco



Decorative Dark Rock Color Wear Resistance Rustic Floor Tiles for Apartment/Cafe Shop/Restaurant/School


The Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic Floor tile tells a captivating story about the Earth's rich history and natural beauty. As we gaze upon its textured surface, we are transported back in time to when mighty tectonic forces shaped our planet's landscapes. 

This floor tile whispers tales of ancient mountains that once stood tall, their peaks reaching towards the heavens. The dark color hints at the intense volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago, leaving behind remnants of molten rock frozen in time. 

Each fold and crevice on this rustic tile represents countless years of geological processes - from the gradual erosion caused by wind and water to the immense pressure exerted deep within the Earth's crust. It is a testament to nature's patience and resilience. 

As we walk across this floor adorned with Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic tiles, we can almost feel ourselves traversing through different epochs. We imagine walking along rugged coastlines where crashing waves sculpted magnificent cliffs over millennia or wandering through dense forests where towering trees have witnessed centuries pass by. 

This tile reminds us of our connection to nature and how it has shaped not only our physical surroundings but also our cultural heritage. It serves as a reminder that beneath our feet lies an intricate tapestry woven by countless generations before us – a tapestry that continues to evolve and inspire awe. 

In conclusion, the Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic Floor tile is more than just an aesthetic element; it is a storyteller that invites us to explore the wonders of our planet's past. Its presence adds depth and character to any space while reminding us of humanity's humble place within the grand narrative of Earth's history.


This series Cement-looking tile are glazed rustic porcelain tiles, suitable for people who need a good decorative effect but with little cost, no matter apartment, house, common project or cafe shop, restaurant, school.

I. Wear Resistance

II. Scratch Resistance

III. Chemical resistance against acids and solvents

IV. Easy to Clean and Maintain

V. Resistant to High Temperatures

VI. Fungi and Mold Resistance

VII. Price cheap

VIII. Stain- resistance

IX. Low water absorption non- porous

X. UV Resistance

XI. Slip- resistant

XII. Compression-resistant

Packaging Info

Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Pcs/Ctn KG/Ctns SQM/Ctns
600x600 9.5 4 30 1.44
800x800 10 3 48 1.92
600x1200 10 2 34 1.44
750x1500 10 2 52 2.25
900x1800 10 1 37 1.62

Folded Rock Dark Color Rustic Floor tile tell us a story about the earth.

rustic tile

rustic tile

rustic tile

rustic tile

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