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Classic Vitrified Tile- Travertine Floor Tile For High Grade Decoration

Travertine as a decorative material has a long history. Travertine tile, is unglazed porcelain tile, It is more harder than real travertile marble, the water absorption is almost zero. It widely used in various constructions all over the world.
  • Item no. PT6000, PT8000, PT126000;  PT8001, PT126001; PT8008, PT126008
  • Thickness:9.8mm, 11mm, 12mm
  • Surface: Polished/ Matt
  • Material: Unglazed Porcelain
  • Water Absorption: Less than 0.5%
  • Packing Info.:  
  • 600x600- 4Pcs/ Ctn/1.44 Sqm  32Kg
  • 800x800- 3Pcs/ Ctn/1.92 Sqm  48Kg
  • 600x1200- 2Pcs/ Ctn/1.44 Sqm  42Kg
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  • PT6000, PT8000.PT126000;PT6001, PT8001.PT126001; PT8008.PT126008

  • Colorgres

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Floor for Outdoor  Wall for Indoor  Wall for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Outdoor 

  • 600x600mm  800x800mm  600x1200mm 

  • Travertine 


Indoor floor




icon_no shower

Shower Floor

icon_no exterior

Exterior Floor

icon_no public

Public corridor



Glazed Porcelain


Colorbody Porcelain 




Large Format

icon_Mosaic _ Deco

Mosaic / Deco




Travertine as a decorative material has a long history, the ancient Roman Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, American Parliament building were all build with travertine stone.

Travertine stone, the scientific name is travertine, is a kind of porous rock, belongs to continental sedimentary rock, which is a kind of calcium carbonate deposit. Most of the travertine is beige color, it always giving people a gentle and rich texture, with clear stripes, The buildings decorated always with very strong cultural and historical flavor, so it widely used in various constructions all over the world.

The travertine tile, is unglazed porcelain tile, It is more harder than real travertile marble, the water absorption is almost zero. The surface we have Polished finish and Matt finish. The pattern we have beige, yellow, light brown, grey colors. Every piece of travertine tiles is different, it shows different natural texture and pattern. So do you still think it is a piece of tile? No, it is all art.

The travertine tile is not just a simple flooring material; it embodies the beauty and elegance of nature. With its unglazed porcelain composition, it surpasses the hardness of real travertine marble, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas that require durability. 

 One remarkable characteristic of this tile is its almost zero water absorption rate. This means that it can withstand moisture without compromising its structural integrity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In terms of aesthetics, the travertine tile offers a range of options to suit different design preferences. 

The polished finish gives a sleek and glossy appearance, perfect for creating a luxurious ambiance in any space. On the other hand, the matt finish provides a more subtle and natural look that complements various interior styles. What truly sets this tile apart is its unique patterns and colors. Each piece showcases distinct natural textures and patterns, adding depth and character to any room or surface where they are installed. From beige to yellow, light brown to grey hues, there is a wide selection available to cater to diverse design schemes. It's important to note that these tiles are not simply mass-produced replicas but rather individual works of art. No two pieces are exactly alike due to their natural variations in texture and pattern formation during their geological formation process. This inherent uniqueness adds an element of exclusivity and charm when using these tiles in architectural projects or home renovations. 

In conclusion, the travertine tile goes beyond being just another piece of flooring material; it represents craftsmanship inspired by nature itself. Its exceptional hardness combined with low water absorption makes it practical yet visually appealing for various settings. Whether you choose the polished or matt finish or opt for beige or grey tones – each installation becomes an artistic expression showcasing Mother Nature's creamic.


Below is beige color travertine tile.

travertine tile

Below is Golden color travertine tile.

travertine tile light brown color

Below is Golden coffee color travertine tile.

Travertine golden offee color 

icon_facade icon_wall icon_indoor icon_countertop icon_no exterior icon_no shower
Facade Wall Floor Countertop Exterior Floor Shower Floor

icon_Large icon_Mosaic _ Deco icon_Customize

 Large Format Mosaic / Deco Customize
Unglazed Porcelain

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