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White Porcelain Slab Italian Carrara Design

Size: 1600x3200mm
Thickness: 12mm
Whiteness: 68  degrees
Surface: Polished Glossy
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  • JQA163212B92

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Indoor  Wall for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Outdoor  Countertop  Table 

  • 800x2600mm  900x2600mm  1200x2400mm  1200x2600mm  1200x2700mm  1600x3200mm 

  • Marble 



Known as the "marble capital of the world", Carrara, a small town in central northern Italy, has the most varieties and the best quality of white marble in the world, which is a high-end building and sculpture material popular in Europe in the Roman era.

As we are aware, the depletion of these natural resources is an inevitable reality. In order to address this concern and ensure the availability of Carrara design in the future, we have taken a proactive approach. By meticulously replicating the exquisite beauty of Carrara marble, we have developed large porcelain slabs made from sintered stone. These slabs not only mimic the elegance and sophistication of Carrara marble but also offer numerous advantages. They possess exceptional durability, making them resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. This ensures that anywhere and anytime you desire the timeless allure of Carrara design, our high-quality porcelain slabs will be readily available.

Moreover, by opting for our sustainable alternative to natural resources like Carrara marble, you contribute to environmental conservation efforts. Our production process minimizes waste generation while reducing carbon emissions associated with traditional quarrying methods.

In addition to their eco-friendly nature and longevity, our large porcelain slabs provide versatility in application. Whether it's for residential or commercial projects such as countertops or flooring solutions, they seamlessly blend into any space while adding a touch of luxury.

Furthermore, through advanced manufacturing techniques and meticulous attention to detail during production,each slab exhibits consistent patterns and colors reminiscent of genuine Carrara marble。This ensures that every piece delivers a stunning aesthetic appeal without compromising on quality or authenticity。

By choosing our replicated "Carrara" design in large porcelain slabs - sintered stone format over depleting natural resources like genuine Carrara marble itself; you not only gain access to its timeless beauty but also contribute towards preserving our planet's precious resources for generations to come。

So why wait? Embrace sustainability without sacrificing style – experience the everlasting charm of "Carrara".


3. 岩板应用场景及优点图 - 副本


JQA163212B92   1600x3200mm

In Lobby


In living room


In bathroom


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