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The Cracked Cement Design Floor Tile 60x60cm

The surface design of the cracked cement tile displays a distinctive texture that mimics the organic process of weathering and aging over time. The intricate cracks and crevices on its surface contribute to an authentic and rustic look, invoking a feeling of historical significance. This textured pattern not only adds personality to the tile but also elevates its visual attractiveness.
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  • FRG6004. FRG6003

  • Floor for Indoor  Floor for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Indoor  Wall for Commercial Spaces  Wall for Outdoor  Countertop  Stair 

  • 600x600mm 

  • Sandstone 


Indoor floor




icon_no shower

Shower Floor

icon_no exterior

Exterior Floor

icon_no public

Public corridor



Glazed Porcelain


Colorbody Porcelain 




Large Format

icon_Mosaic _ Deco

Mosaic / Deco



Products Description

The cracked cement pattern has some cool features, like: 

- Awesome textures: Cracked cement patterns can have super unique textures, either naturally formed cracks or specially designed ones. 

- Natural beauty: These patterns give off a natural vibe, kinda like rocks in nature or cracks in the earth's crust. It's got that primitive and simple look. 

- Rough texture: The texture of cracked cement is usually rough, giving it a solid and stable feel. Perfect for industrial style or modern interior design. 

- Super durable: Cement itself is already tough as nails, but the design of the cracked pattern makes it even more resistant to wear and pressure. So you know it'll last long! 

- Lots of colors to choose from: Cement might seem plain on its own, but by adding pigments or using different paints, you can create a crack cement pattern with tons of color options.

 - Easy peasy maintenance: Taking care of these cracked cement patterns is a breeze! Just regular cleaning and maintenance will keep them looking beautiful and strong.

Application of some Famous buildings 

- Helsinki Cathedral in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, has a unique texture and visual effect due to its decorated facade.

- The National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City reveals the essence of Mexico's ancient culture through its exterior cracked cement tiles.

- Tokyo National Museum complements its natural surroundings with a cracked cement tile facade.

- Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi uses cracked cement tiles to create a grand and spectacular atmosphere both inside and outside.

- Sydney Opera House adds a unique artistic touch to Sydney with its exterior walls covered in cracked cement tiles.

First let's start from FRG6004, this one is light cream color.

rustic tile

This model is FRG6004, 600x600mm size. off white color.


Below for Model FRG6003

rustic tile


rustic tile

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