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Hot Sale Furniture Polished Sintered Stone for Interior

Sintered stone has less impurities, small particles and less additives during production and processing, it also has a certain light transmittance, and its diffused light permeability can reach 2.5%. It provides more space for building curtain wall, stairs, background wall and other interior design.
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  • 26M005A-CY15H

  • Colorgres

  • Floor for Indoor  Table 

  • 900x1800mm 

  • Marble 


New sarolan gold sintered stone is a high-density polymer crystalline material, its main composition is quartz stone and resin, in addition to the addition of some pigments and other auxiliary materials. Among them, quartz stone is a natural mineral with high hardness, and resin is a thermoplastic polymer material that can form a solid sheet after heating and curing. This combination of materials gives Sarolan slabs the texture and appearance of natural stone, but also the plasticity and durability of artificial panels.

The Difference Between New Saran Gold Sintered Stone Quality and Common Sintered Stone

1. Compared with natural stone: New sarolan gold sintered stone is lighter than natural stone, easier to process, not easy to crack and deformation.

2. Compared with solid wood sheet:It has better durability and water resistance, and is also more suitable for wet and humid environments.

3. Compared with artificial stone: More solid than artificial stone, not easy to deformation, scratch resistance, not easy to be dyed.



Colorgres company established in 2008, which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ceramic tiles. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best tiling solutions for both domestic and international markets.

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