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Cabinet TV Stand Grey Artificial Stone Interior Wall Cladding

As a kind of high quality building decoration material, sintered stone has become the first choice for many decoration projects due to its characteristics of durability, fireproof and waterproof, environmental protection and sanitation.This original mottled gray sintered stone is more obvious and more advanced against the dark gray when the dark gray meets the twilight, a kind of quiet beauty arises.
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  • 86M021-CY15F

  • Colorgres

  • 800x2600mm  900x2600mm  1200x2700mm 

  • Floor for Indoor  Furniture area 

  • Sandstone 


Introduction of Sicilian Grey Sintered Stone

Thickness: 1200X2700X12

Process: Sintered stone thousand grain half thrown.

Style: Chinese, European, modern, Neoclassical, Mediterranean, American, other.

Application Scenarios: Dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, study, balcony, other, porch.

Features: Wear-resistant, non-slip, dirt resistant, smooth, pattern, density, environmental protection.

Sicilian Grey Sintered Stone

The sintered stone not only has excellent waterproof performance, but also can effectively isolate heat and noise, providing a comfortable living environment. At the same time, the installation of the sintered stone is simple, and different colors and textures can be selected according to personal preferences to meet the needs of different styles of decoration.1200*2700 mm gold specification arbitrary continuous grain, with different arrangement combination of large area seam paving on the ground, can immediately improve the sense of space design, as if the poetic time into the space, with black and white gray home style, quiet, with advanced.

Unique brick specifications and different textures, with the natural beauty of warm gray, natural and delicate ink-jet body blank body, used in home life, invisibly narrow the space distance between people and nature, make home life more natural color.

The warm gray bottom layer is scattered with thick or light blocky crystals, accompanied by light color blocks and light white lines, more integrated.


Colorgres company established in 2008, which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ceramic tiles. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best tiling solutions for both domestic and international markets.

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