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Background Wall Marble Sintered Stone Slab For Interior Floor

Sintered stones are stones that undergo a solidification and forming process at high temperatures, and their durability is further enhanced by applying pressure.This porter light grey sintered stone is a unique work of art, with a variety of colors, textures and shapes to give your home a unique charm.Porter light grey sintered stone, wall-to-wall integration application, faintly visible texture, delicate and soft, with elegant furniture, at a glance, let people like spring breeze, in it, more people feel comfortable.
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  • SJ2409GB081Q

  • Colorgres

  • 200x1200mm  800x2600mm 

  • Floor for Indoor  Wall for Indoor 

  • Marble 


Porter Light Grey Sintered Stones Are Available in A Variety of Sizes:

1.300mm x 300mm: This is a conventional small size sintered stone, usually used to lay the base layer of the floor or wall, but also can be used to make a variety of countertops and decorations.

2.600mm x 600mm: This is the most common large size specification of Porter light grey sintered stone, which can be used for laying large areas of floor and wall coverage, as well as making various countertops and decorations.

3.800mm x 800mm: suitable for large space and special occasion decoration, such as commercial places, airports, stations, etc.

4.1200mm x 600mm: This specification has a larger width and can be used to make longer countertops or large wall coverings.

5.1200mm x 1200mm: This is the largest conventional specification, suitable for large commercial places, hotel lobbies, airports and other large space decoration.

Performance of Porter Light Grey Sintered Stones:

1. Super size: Porter light grey sintered stone can provide super size products, the size can be customized according to customer needs. This oversized slab can meet the decorative needs of large Spaces and special occasions, while also enhancing its overall sense and visual impact.

2. High processing precision: the cutting, grinding and other processing precision of Porter light grey sintered stone is very high, which can ensure the perfect presentation of the corners and details of the sintered stone. 

3. A variety of surface treatment: Porter light grey sintered stone has a variety of surface treatment methods to choose from, such as bright, semi-matte, matte and so on. Different surface treatments can create different decorative effects to meet the needs and preferences of different customers.



Colorgres company established in 2008, which is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality ceramic tiles. With a strong emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide the best tiling solutions for both domestic and international markets.

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